The Leading Platform for Needs Verification

Everest Effect is driving systemic change by measuring the full impact a crisis has had on an individual’s life by evaluating the severity of systemic and acute issues they are facing across key demographic data points.

Everest Effect’s needs verification platform uses machine learning and advanced data science to help organizations measure impact and make smarter decisions on the access and distribution of goods, services and capital.

Enabling intelligent
decisions to accelerate
economic recovery

The Needs Score™ provides businesses, governments, and nonprofits with data-driven insights on the individual and neighborhood level to:

  • Increase the visibility of those that are often overlooked
  • Provide needs verification for those facing a crisis
  • Enable targeted distribution to maximize resources
  • Uncover disaster recency, frequency & magnitude for proactive planning


Everest Effect's platform applies machine learning and advanced analytics to integrate and normalizes a fragmented data ecosystem, providing multi-dimensional insights into a community’s needs; unlocking the intelligence of combined tokenized personal and community data.

For each individual or community Everest Effect's platform will quantify the impact providing a Needs Score. The long-term vision is that your Needs Score will become part of your digital identity, a tool for individuals to advocate for and get efficient access to resources on their path to socioeconomic self-sustainability.

Prioritization and sequencing of resources will be informed on the Needs Score to ensure that all the environmental (neighborhood) and individual challenges are included in optimizing the outcome for the individual.

While a Needs Based View of an individual and community is not a new idea, our patent pending technology to quantify, categorize and sequence resources is unique.

How it Works

This unique methodology assesses holistic attributes of an individual to provide contextual information about the situation they are facing, offering a more inclusive approach compared to traditional verification methods.

There are currently four microscores that define the overarching Score:

The Geospatial Score

offers a deeper understanding of the neighborhood where the individual lives.

The Disaster Score

provides the severity and fragility of the disaster area.

The Challenge Score

captures the needs and situation of the individual in their own words.

The Identity Score

verifies and validates the identity and behavior of the individual.

The Score is a dynamic metric that offers the proper contextual information of what someone needs and when. It is designed to measure and speed up an individual’s recovery more effectively.


Solving the Problem of Prioritization for Relief Distribution and Access

The Score can deliver insights based on events, individual situations, and recovery status.

Using the Score we can identify the intersection of:
  • COVID acuity | vaccine distribution
  • Low access to public transit
  • Low car ownership
  • Low income areas
  • Elderly population
  • Available services for targeted geographies
  • +Other
That intersection can be used to:
  • Increase discoverability
  • Improve marketing effectiveness
  • Verify target users
  • Measure program impact

Join the Effect

Whether you’re a corporation, non-profit or government organization, we can help you increase equitable distribution and brand affinity, and decrease waste and fraud for the people you serve.

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The Leading Platform for Needs Verification
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