Trending Needs


Let loved ones know you’re safe so they know you are ok.


Identify distribution centers with basic supplies.

Food and Water

Receive food benefits and clean water resources.

Temporary Housing

Locate temporary private and public housing.

In-kind donations haven’t always made the difference that donors intend, with 60% going to waste. It can take more than 26 years for crisis-affected communities to fully recover. We want to change these statistics. We want to create meaningful and measurable impact.

Key Moments

Everest Effect values sustainability, transparency and impact. We recognize rebuilding takes time and aim to support communities long after the media coverage ends.

Basic Needs

I need basics

  • Share I am safe
  • Temporary Housing
  • Pets

Looking Ahead

I need supplies

  • Medical
  • Food and Water
  • Communications
  • Transportation
  • Supplies

Recovery Plan

I need to rebuild

  • Insurance and Financial Aid
  • Other