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When a crisis happens

What happens next?

A fast and focused response to a crisis will help mitigate damage and keep a bad situation from getting worse. The problem is, crisis relief efforts aren’t what they need to be in order to be effective. The supply chain is splintered, fraudsters and scammers stand ready to take advantage, and relief supplies go to waste instead of to those in need. It’s a problem. And you can’t fix a crisis with a problem.

Active events

Everest is currently supporting a number of communities in need. View the latest shelters, medical support and more.

1 billion

By 2050, an estimated 1 billion people will be displaced by disasters.


60% of individual in-kind donations go to waste, often referred to as the second disaster.


Diapers are among the most requested critical needs post disaster.

Be someone

for someone

Everest Effect - Recovery and Relief Reimagined

Garden variety technology enables people to quickly get whatever they want, yet there are those who are unable to quickly get things they desperately need? To the female founders of the Everest Effect, this was literally adding insult to injury. It was also time someone did something about it.
We saw a golden opportunity to provide a silver lining for crisis victims and we ran with it. Once we realized that something could be done we knew we had to do it. Building on our combined experience in creating digital solutions for companies like PayPal, Microsoft, eBay, LinkedIn and Citi, we had the know how to show how.

Who, What, and Where

First, we took a look at where the need was greatest via our Crisis Impact ScoreTM , an advanced digital tool designed to accurately validate and rank catastrophic events. Now, questions like where is the crisis? who are the victims? and what do they need most? could be answered faster and with greater precision.

And How

Some things can wait, others cannot. Everyday essentials like first aid kits, soap, baby wipes, and diapers are just some of the things people need on day one. Other things will be needed down the road. Everest Effect lets those who want to help meet those who need their help. This is not a scattershot donation that may or may not get to the intended recipients. Its laser focused support guaranteed to give what’s needed to those who need it. Real help in real time.

Everest is Everywhere

Whether it’s close to home or far away you can help Everest support communities in need around the world. Have a look, then lend a hand.