Airbnb offers free accommodations to people displaced by bushfires in NSW and VIC. Explore Now >

Australia Bushfires

Australia, we're here to help you prepare, recover and rebuild. View housing resources, medical support and more.

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Recovering from a disaster is hard. Accessing critical resources shouldn’t be.

Everest Effect is reimagining recovery by connecting people in need with donors and brands who want to help.

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Real life. Real recovery.

Disaster Recovery isn't one-size-fits-all. Access critical supplies to accelerate when and how you return to normalcy.

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Real Life. Real Recovery.

Disaster recovery isn't one-size-fits-all which is why more than 60% of in-kind donations go to waste. Access critical supplies to help you prepare, recover and rebuild.

How Everest Effect is Changing Disaster Recovery

Everest Effect values sustainability, transparency and impact. We recognize rebuilding takes time
and aim to support communities long after the media coverage ends.

Active Disasters

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Everest is currently supporting a number of communities in need. View the latest shelters, medical support and more.

Australia Bushfires

Australia, January 1, 2020

California Wildfires

California, October 24, 2019

Storm Imelda

Texas, September 4, 2019

Let's Reimagine Recovery

60% of individual in-kind donations go to waste, often referred to as the second disaster.

Diapers are among the most requested critical needs post disaster.

By 2050, an estimated 1 billion people will be displaced by disasters.

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