The economy is powered by people. These people are unique and fragile in times of crisis, yet don’t always have the same means or needs to recover. Businesses, organizations and governments also don’t have all the information they need to make sound economic decisions to aid in recovery.

When people in crisis don’t get the help they need, our economic resiliency is under attack, creating a ripple effect that propagates outward to disturb an increasingly larger portion of the system.

The Facts

Underserved communities are disproportionately impacted by crises.

Claimed needs are not intelligently verified or systematically tracked.

Inefficient processes and information asymmetry create exorbitant waste.

A Platform for Equitable Relief

Everest Effect is a data platform enabling intelligent decisions to accelerate economic recovery after a crisis using leading machine learning and advanced analytics.

Our mission is to speed up crisis recovery by connecting real people with verified needs to individuals and organizations looking to make an impact.

We’ve developed this end-to-end data platform specifically for crisis recovery. The platform is unique, continuously learning and adapting, enabling your business to gain a deeper understanding of your customers current level of crisis, improve existing decisioning logic and the ability to track progress over time. The indicator is dynamic; built using thousands of explicit and implicit data signals, unique to event, context and partner.


An Intelligent Platform

Decrease Fraud: Verify, quantify and measure the needs and recovery of your communities, customers and users.

Reduce Waste: Distribute resources with more equitability, transparency and impact.

Increase Brand Affinity: Connect the need, event and inventory for a measurable impact.

Increase Transparency: Provide the ability to measure economic impact and donor effectiveness overtime distributing results to benefactors and stakeholders.

Impact to Date

  • 75% Decrease in Fraud

  • ~8k Verified Needs Met With Goods & Services

  • Zero Waste in Donor Purchases

  • 2,500+ Families Supported

Join the Effect

Whether you’re a corporation, non-profit or government organization, we can help you increase equitable distribution and brand affinity, and decrease waste and fraud for the people you serve.

Join our early adopter program to help us co-create the future of recovery. Contact us for more information.

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