Resources that can make a difference.


Airline Travel

Major airlines including United, Southwest, Delta, American and Spirit are issuing fee waivers to allow travelers to adjust their flight plans ahead of the storm without any cost.

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Live updates on fuel availability and gas station outages in affected areas. Download and search the GasBuddy outage tracker.

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Pet Safety

Wag Hotels

Wag Hotels is offering free Boarding to those affected by wildfires in California.

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Pets & Disaster Preparedness

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Document Storage


Digitally organize and store important documents including insurance policies, property records, identification, estate plans and medical information.

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Kids Book: Hurricanes

This free, downloadable story offers parents and caregivers a way to talk with their children about hurricanes. "Trinka & Sam: The Rainy Windy Day" can facilitate conversation about the storm and help kids process anxious feelings.

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Home Repairs

FEMA – Hurricane Laura

Flood insurance coverage may cover up to $1000 worth of prep items including sandbags, water pumps and lumber.

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Medical Support

Red Cross Children’s Services

Guide to helping children and young people cope with the bushfires.

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Bushfire CRC

e-book for parents on how to talk to children about bushfire safety.

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Apply now to ensure you qualify for SNAP benefits in the event of disaster

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Special Needs Registry

Florida Special Needs Registry allows residents with special needs to register with their local emergency management agency and receive assistance during a disaster.

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Advent Health

eCare visits will be free for Floridians and accessible 24 hours a day through the AdventHealth app. The AdventHealth app is available through mobile device app stores. Search AdventHealth to find and download the app. Once downloaded, create or log in to an existing AdventHealth account to have whole health...

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Prescription Refill

Under the state of emergency executive order declared by the Governor, people can obtain a 30-day refill of their prescription medication.

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