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Kids Can't Attend Online Classes If They Can't Get Online

Young people staring at smartphones and tablets is a familiar sight. Yet, during this critical time, more than 11 million students don't have access to adequate technology to stay academically up to speed. All students deserve an education without disruption. And we're doing everything we can to make sure they get it. But, we can't do it alone.

If you're a member of a school or ed-tech organization and have students in need, or support funds that currently exceed your needs, Everest Effect is reaching out to you. We're inviting you to partner with us with the goal of providing your students with access to needed technology, essential school supplies, and mental healthcare packages to support learning-from-home.

Our Solution:


Items can be delivered directly to each student or a designated school pick up area.


Leverage Everest Effect technology + Walmart’s supply chain.


Provide a single view for expense management.


Remove fulfillment, shipping, tracking barriers.

Let's do this.
The ability to learn, develop and compete in fast-evolving global market depends on it. For both our children and in turn, for our country.
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Please note, if your organization does not have funding or access to donors, you can still apply.