January 30, 2020




The COVID-19 pandemic has indefinitely altered how we live and work. As medical professionals seek a way to treat and contain the disease, the global community is uniting around ways to support the most impacted populations and solve pressing challenges for business, education and general wellbeing. As a part of the community, Everest Effect is enabling real and rapid recovery by providing relevant products in our marketplace and information in our resource center.

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Rebuild your life and livelihood so you can return to normalcy.

The Podcast: Real and Rapid Recovery, Episode 4

A discussion on COVID-19 from a research scientist, Kyle Kolaja who's been actively studying the COVID-19 outbreak. Discussion topics center around the Road Map to Reopening (authored by Gottlieb, Rivers, McClellan, Silvis, and Watson), explaining its 4 stage plan and what to expect the months to come as the nation likely embraces this approach.

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