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Australia Bushfires

Australia, January 1, 2020

Unity Bank

Unity Bank Relief and Assistance is available for Members and businesses affected by catastrophic circumstances.

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Grants of up to $2000 can be accessed to help cover temporary accommodation, food and clothing. Disaster relief packages may also be available for home loan, personal loan, insurance, business, and credit card customers.

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Emergency Assistance Package for consumer and small business customers

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NAB can help customers manage their existing bank facilities, temporarily suspend loan repayments, or even waive fees and charges.

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Relief may include ability to suspend loan repayments for up to three months as well as temporary interest rate relief for credit card and personal loan customers in extreme financial distress.

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Financial care packages may be available for customers who are volunteer firefighters, have damaged property or have lost employment, and will include relief from interest charges for 3 months and a loan repayment holiday for up to 12 months.

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Bank First Bushfire Assistance Package

Relief may include interest-free loans of up to $5000, deferred loan and credit card repayments, emergency credit card limit increase and waiver of other fees and charges. Customers with home and contents insured through CGU can also apply for emergency funds and temporary accommodation costs.

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