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Australia Bushfires

Australia, January 1, 2020

VIC Clean Up Program

The Bushfire Clean-up Program covers the demolition and disposal of all buildings destroyed or damaged beyond repair by this season’s bushfires free of charge for eligible property owners. You do not need to be insured to be eligible for this program.

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Insurance Council of Australia

The Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) has set up a national hotline (1800 734 621) for anyone with questions about their bushfire insurance, including helping to link them with their insurer if they have lost their documents.

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Architects Assist

Architects Assist will offer free design and planning assistance to help people rebuild their lives. It will also offer support to small businesses or communities to replace structures such as shops, halls, churches or theatres.

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Tradesperson & Contractor Licence Check

Use this online tool to check if your contractor and tradesperson is qualified and/or licenced to work on your property.

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