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Our Approach

Everest Effect is a modern, simple approach to the complex world of disaster relief.

Our online marketplace puts critical resources directly into the hands of impacted individuals to accelerate their recovery. Goods listed on our platform range from food and clothing to shelter and supplies.

We have developed a system that generates waves of change (the Effect) in a way that evades bureaucratic waste and lengthy processes. Our approach is direct and transparent, reaching people who need help as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Our Mission

We aim to revolutionize relief and help individuals and communities recover and rebuild after a disaster strikes. Through technology and collaboration, we achieve our mission by giving people access to basic items that can increase when and how they return to normalcy.

We operate at the intersection of innovation and human kindness, making relief not only efficient, but data-driven and attainable. Together, we can help individuals and communities get back on their feet, faster and stronger than ever before.


Our Team

Our team is comprised of tech veterans from global platforms like eBay, Paypal, LinkedIn and WeWork. We joined forces to create Everest Effect, bringing relief to people through modern means.

We are unified by a belief that disaster relief is crucial, and therefore should be simple for people to partake in. Join the Effect and help us turn a moment into a movement.

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